Royal Elf

The Royal Elf is a subrace of the elf that is most notable because of how long a Royal Elf can live, with lifespans often reaching 2500 years in length.

Royal Elves are shorter than the average elf typically reaching a height of between 3’10" and 4’3"
Their hair is either white or blonde and never red or brunette. Because of their size they are not traditionally physical warriors instead taking the path of the arcane or divine. Their elven features are more accented than the standard elf, their skulls are longer to accommodate this, along with larger ears and a notably forward mouth and nose. Their eyes however are only slightly less angled.

The most famous Royal Elf manors are the Meliamne, Siannodel, and Galnodel manors. Since they live for so long their politics are social in nature, with no one Royal elf having more pull than another. There is however often a Speaker for the House that is elected by the manor to be a spokesperson for all of them in foreign affairs. he however, like all the other royal elves in his manor, has a perfectly equal say in the politics of the manor. Also with such lifespans they do reproduce often because they could rapidly exceed the capacity of the manor and also because they find it more of a spiritual thing.

In the elven manors such as Siannodel and Galonedel, the manor is constantly being upgraded and fortified and has subsequently created arguably two of the most impressive castles that stretch into the skies of the elvenlands.

Besides the Meliamne manor, most royal elves are rather active in the affairs of wizard collectives, human-orc relations, and serving justice wherever it is needed. With this in mind they have developed a form of air transportation that although recent, has caught on with other races like Gnomes and Dwarves.

The first Dirigible was a Royal Elf sloop that had it’s mast removed and had a large silk balloon fastened to with a nebulous amount of rope. Since then there have been modifications with a little magic, or Gnomic engineering, that allows it fly into wind, and land on command in precise locations. Even though this type of travel greatly cuts down land travel time, there are not many places that can accommodate effective loading and unloading of goods or passengers except for small remote towns with lots of open grassland, or the truly epic castles that are in places like Siannodel, Galonodel, and Sturmkeep. There are others but for more information see the Dirigible article.

Royal Elf

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